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From Verve with Love


Verve All Natural House Cleaners & Wholesalers of Green Cleaning Supplies

This video is just the beginning to answering the question; Why Use Green Cleaning Supplies?


We do not need to use chemical-laden cleaning products to have a clean, fresh smelling home. In fact, most of the natural cleaning products have been used for hundreds of years; With the advent of petroleum chemicals these time tested chemical-free methods of cleaning seem to have all but disappeared. By using natural cleaning products, your family will breathe easier and your home will smell fresher without the health hazards associated with toxic chemicals and fumes.



"GREENWASHING"  A Ploy/Practice where a product has an Eco - Friendly Symbol/Certification on it but, this Symbol/Certification has ZERO BACKING.  Other than the fact it was bought by The Products Manufacturer.


You are Being Lied to & Verve Believes in "Honesty" Above ALL!


Verve only carries Green Cleaning Supplies backed by the above Certifications because they have "Clout" and each Certification stands The Truth of Time because each Certification encompasses different parameters that must be met before a Company is allowed to put them on their products "Label."

Not to mention the above Certifications are "Costly" and must be updated by retesting products and making sure they still pass "The Tests" required to obtain any 1 of the 5 Certifications above.