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After Much Research; Trial & Error, The Products Below Are Tried,Tested & True. This is why Verve All Natural Cleaners have specifically chosen them. They are “Green”, work & have Certifications backed with clout!

The term "General Purpose", while still too vague in my opinion, usually means that it has a wide range of uses. This is where you should spend most of your time when selecting "Cleaning Supplies."

Over the last decade or so, there has been a trend to produce Green Cleaning Supplies that are very effective in more than one type of surface. The same Cleaning Supply that you use on the"Floor" is also a good on "Glass" and Surface Cleaner to boot. Many cleaning chemical manufacturers have been resistant to this because more chemicals equal more money right?

Well most are coming to realize that this isn’t really the case. The Toxic/Chemical supply market is an extremely competitive one, and as more customers request and demand fewer and safer chemicals/solvents, they are being heard.

 A Big Problem?


The average Non Green Supplier of Cleaning Products spend "Their Money" on Advertising & Brand Recognition.

The Green Cleaning Supply Companies spend "Their Money" on New Technology & Innovation. This is exactly why Green Cleaning Products not only do a better "Cleaning" job and cost less, but most importantly they won't harm your "Children" if accidentally ingested or if they get it splashed in their eyes.  This is due to the fact that Green Cleaning Supplies are ( Non - Toxic!")

The second reason for having Your ‘Go To’ Cleaning Solvents is: It reduces the number of Solvents you have to buy. I would bet that 90% or more of your closets have 10+ different cleaning Solvents. Having this many potentially hazardous/ toxic Solvents on hand, is obviously dangerous, especially when you think about your small children getting into your cleaning supplies.

 Now If Your Cleaning Supplies were Non - Toxic Natural Cleaners ( Like Verve Offers ) there would be nothing to "Worry" about!

 So What Is The Best Green Cleaning Supplies?

Good news! There are quite a few options out there for Cleaning Supplies. The ones that I have used have a single concentrated product that uses a couple of different dilutions for different defined tasks.

As an example, a lower dilution for light soil areas such as glass and tile floors. And higher dilutions for heavier soiled areas like grout and carpet. While this often puts 2 or more different bottles on the cart, in the end, it is the same chemical and thus one box to stock in the closet.

 Cleaning Supply Summary

Having the Correct Cleaning Supplies makes it possible to focus on the job rather than what it is done with. While there will always be  A Situation that another Solvent may be needed (i.e.: an acid bowl cleaner may need to be used periodically for hard water build up, etc...) those are actually few and far between when proper cleaning is performed on a regular basis. Simplifying the process of choosing, ordering and using Green Cleaning Supplies makes it possible to accomplish more, with less.

 Verve Has Your Go To Cleaning Products

 1) Enviro Care Glass Cleaner

2) Enviro Care Low Foam All Purpose Cleaner

3) Enviro Care Tough Job Cleaner

4) Enviro Care Washroom Cleaner

5) Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant

                  eco-glass-cleaner-bottle-.jpg       eco-low-foam.jpg            eco-tough-job.jpg          eco-washroom-cleaner.jpg          eco-neutral-disinfectant.jpg

 Best of All they are not expensive. They cost $6.99 per Quart and if you buy 4 you get the 5th for free.

 Total Cost To Have A All Green Cleaning Supply Cabinet $27.96 & $4.00 Refills

In Gratitude,

Human Being