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Enviro Care - Tough Job All Purpose Cleaner

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Biobased, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for tough soils by spray and wipe, mopping,
or through an auto-scrubber.

Enviro Care Tough Job Cleaner


 Tough Job is a heavy duty liquid cleaner that is strong enough for the most difficult cleaning tasks.

 Tough Job is formulated to remove greasy messes from walls, floors and any washable surface. 

 Tough Job Cleaner is very versatile. It may be used as a "spray and wipe" cleaner . Tough Job Cleaner performs as a carpet and upholstery pre-spotter, stain remover, and traffic lane cleaner. It is also for hand cleaning, damp mopping.

This product meets Ecologo Environmental Standard based on its low impact for human and environmental health.

 Environmental and safety benefits include:

1) Made with renewable resources

2) Nontoxic     

3) Phosphate Free -  Phosphates are Inorganic compounds containing phosphorous.
Nutrient pollution is one of America's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, and is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the air and water.  Nutrient pollution in ground water - which millions of people in the United States use as their drinking water source - can be harmful, even at low levels

4) Biodegradable

5) Contains no hazardous ingredients (no petroleum distillates, no Alkalies)

6) Non corrosive

7) Voc Compliant -  VOCs are organic compounds that evaporate at room temperature. These chemicals are implicated in a number of health problems,ranging from acute respiratory issues to long-term health concerns such as cancer. Because of this, some jurisdictions limit the amount of VOCs present and mandate that products containing VOCs label themselves.

8) No Glycol ethers - Commercial cleaning products, even "Green" ones like Simple Green, clean faster than soap and water can. But this is because they contain small amounts of the most powerful grease-cutting class of chemicals known. They Are Glycol Ethers.

Overexposure to Glycol Ethers can cause Anemia, Intoxication, and Irritation of the Eyes and Nose.

9) NPE free -  nonylphenol ethoxylate - NPEs (nonylphenol ethoxylates) break down in the environment into nonylphenol (NP), one of the most notorious examples of persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals (PBTs). Widely recognized for extreme aquatic toxicity to fish and wildlife, NPEs and NP may also threaten the health of the developing fetus and young children. Despite being phased out of laundry detergents, widespread use in other consumer products routinely releases NPEs into our homes and the environment.

10) Fragrance free (no added perfumes)

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