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Enviro - Bathroom Cleaner

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Biobased, concentrated citric acid washroom
cleaner for removing soap film, body oils and
mineral buildup from any washable surface.

Enviro Care Washroom Cleaner


Washroom Cleaner is designed to keep basins, showers, bowls, urinals and washroom surfaces clean and fresh in one easy step. It is great for removing hard water deposits and soil accumulations. Its mild formula removes soap film, body oils, makeup, and mineral deposits from any washable surface without damage. This one step cleaner cuts through grime and requires no rinsing.

Using a sprayer, hand bucket and sponge, simply apply the Enviro Care Washroom solution to the surface and wipe clean. Chrome, Stainless steel and other high gloss surfaces may be polished with a clean, dry cloth. Enviro Care Washroom also excels at removing those difficult stains from ceramic tile floors and grouting.

This product meets Ecologo Environmental Standard based on its low impact for human and environmental health.

Environmental  and safety  benefits include:

  • Made with renewable resources

  • No hydrochloric acid - Hydrogen chloride is a colorless gas, which has a choking, pungent smell. It is highly corrosive and toxic. 

  • No Phosphoric acid - In its pure form it is a colorless, odorless crystal extracted from rocks with sulfuric acid or by burning off elemental phosphorus and adding water to the byproduct. When phosphoric acid powders are inhaled or come in contact with skin and other body tissues, it can cause dermatitis, pain, tearing, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing or breathing and gastrointestinal problems. Most of these side effects occur in industrial manufacturing plants where concentrated levels of phosphoric acid are used. The amount of phosphoric acid added to sodas and other foods by comparison is a very small amount.

  • Nontoxic (aquatic & human)

  • Phosphate free

  • Biodegradable

  • Contains no hazardous ingredients (no petroleum distillates)

  • No Glycol Ethers

  • No NPE or in English Nonylphenol Ethoxylates - Nonylphenol is a persistent chemical with hormone-disrupting properties that builds up in the food chain and is hazardous even at very low levels.

  • Non corrosive

  • voc compliant

  • NPE free

  • Fragrance free (no added perfumes)